2018 Meetings

ACFW Colorado Springs generally meets the first Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. – noon (check schedule below for exceptions) at

First Evangelical Free Church

820 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs.

We are happy to have you attend up to two meetings if you want to check us out before joining.


January 6th (Welcome back potluck)

“Hidden Threats to Your Creativity”


There are three hidden forces that act as kryptonite towards your creativity. Left unaddressed, these forces will derail your art . . . and ultimately your heart. Publishing industry thought leader and popular author Allen Arnold reveals both the threats and their counterintuitive ways to defeat them, sharing insights gleaned from working with hundreds of new and best-selling Christian authors.


February 3rd

“Dual workshop: Creating Your Brand” and “Write Smarter, Write Faster”


Creating Your Author Brand – With so many authors writing multiple books—it’s important to create an author brand that will help readers recognize and find you. USA TODAY Best-selling author Jennie Marts will share practical advice and tips on understanding what your brand is and how to build your own unique author brand and increase your discoverability.

Write Smarter, Write Faster – With ever increasing constraints on our schedules, writers must learn to maximize the time they use when they sit down to write. If you’re juggling multiple series and publishers, then every minute has to count. Multi-published and award-winning author, Jennie Marts, shares tips and tricks to focus your writing time to increase productivity, balance conflicting deadlines, increase your word count, stay healthy, and write better books in a shorter amount of time.


March 3rd

“Building a Writing Career While Working Full Time”

LISA JORDAN (Author—via Skype)

Despite what TV shows or movies may portray, many writers aren’t multi-published millionaires sitting in luxurious offices overlooking the city skyline or the beach.

In fact, many writers lack the financial stability to write full time. Those who do write full-time may have spouses who contribute to the monthly budget, or they’ve published enough books to meet their financial obligations.

Most of the writers I know work full time—inside or outside the home—care for families, maintain church responsibilities and try to get enough sleep so they’re not zombies the next day.

So how are writers able to find the time to write while working full time? Many of them don’t have time, but the majority of them make the time to write.

Finding the time to write while balancing other life obligations is necessary in order to meet their dreams. Building a writing career while working full time can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. This workshop will offer 5 essential keys to help build their writing careers while working full time.


April 14th 

Write in the Springs

Tenth Annual Conference



May 6th


June 2nd

“The Adaptation Survival Kit”

BRIAN BIRD (Screen writer)

“For authors looking to adapt (or have someone adapt) their novel or non-fiction book into a screenplay for a film, here are the pitfalls and the ways to succeed… from award-winning screenwriter and producer Brian Bird.”


July 7th



August 4th


September 8th (2nd Saturday)


October 6th


November 3rd


December 1st

Christmas Party