2017 Meetings

ACFW Colorado Springs generally meets the first Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. – noon (check schedule below for exceptions) at

First Evangelical Free Church

820 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs.

We are happy to have you attend up to two meetings if you want to check us out before joining.


January 7th

“Don’t Give Up Your Daydreams”



Don’t quit your daydreams: do and don’ts on the road to publication.

When the writing dream is placed on our hearts, we need encouragement to keep going and tools to help us reach the finish line. How do we pair our dream of writing with the steps that will help us reach our goal? What’s important and what’s not? Jill will share tips and lessons learned on her own journey to publication.


February 4th

“Creating Ideas With Spiritual Heft”

JIM RUBART—via Skype (Author)

James L Rubart hs v4 7 26 '16

Do you want to create unique stories that agents and editors are immediately captivated by? That goal isn’t a desire. It’s a must, if you want to get published and have readers rave about your books. During this month’s Skype workshop, bestselling, Christy, Carol, and RT Book Reviews award-winning author, James L. Rubart, will share the techniques he uses to create novels, and teach you how to discover the unique idea buried deep inside you.


March 4th

“It’s About Time”



April 1st


9th Annual Conference

“The Writer’s Toolbox”




May 6th

“Your Novel in a Nutshell: How to Write Summaries”

ERIN HEALY (Author and Editor)


Transforming your full-length novel into an effective summary less than 1 percent of its length is no small feat. Whether you sell your story depends in large part on how well you master this fundamental task. In this session you’ll learn how to write five types of fiction summaries, which can be adapted to suit agents’, publishers’, and even readers’ requirements: the tagline, the elevator pitch, the blurb, the synopsis, and the chapter summary.


June 3rd

“Grow Your Platform Using Facebook”

RACHELLE GARDNER (Agent with Books and Such Literary Agency)

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Social media is a necessity for authors, but it’s hard to know how to use it in ways that will actually help grow your platform and reach your goals (like selling books). This workshop will share several specific, uncomplicated strategies for using Facebook to grow a following, no matter where you are in the writing & publishing journey.


July 8th (2nd Saturday)

“Self-Publish Your Manuscript”

TOM MACY (Author)

Tom Macy

Have you completed a family history, a memoir, a novel, or some other written work that you would like to share with friends, family, or with the general market? Did the thought of paying for some huge printing process seem daunting? Or perhaps you were told you need a track record or speaking platform before publishing the traditional route. Local author Tom Macy will take you through the process of publishing your manuscript for FREE using Create Space. That’s right. In today’s high-tech world, you can publish a work for no cost. If it is an eBook, it can be downloaded for free from your own website. If it is a paperback, the purchaser will pay a nominal fee when they buy it through your own publisher-defined website or through booksellers like Amazon or B & N. While anyone will benefit from this class, to get the most out of it, the participant should be computer literate.

Topics covered:

  • Traditional vs Self-publishing
  • Required documents for self-publishing
  • Publishing eBooks
  • Publishing paperbacks (focus on Create Space)
  • Things to note before FINAL Paperback Publishing
  • Marketing ideas


August 5th

“Go Viral: Marketing on the Social Networks”


You can waste huge amounts of time and energy on social media. How can you do it effectively and without spending a lot of time? Terry Whalin has over 205,000 twitter followers, over 4,800 Facebook friends and over 5,000 LinkedIn connections. He spends less than 30 minutes a day on his social media yet has an effective growing presence in the social media arena. In this workshop, Terry reveals his inside secrets and tips for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so you too can grow your platform and presence without wasting hours of time.


September 9th (2nd Saturday)

“Writing the Novella – or – How to Cram Your Whole Story into a Quarter of the Space You Really Want”


Writing the Novella – or – How to Cram Your Whole Story into a Quarter of the Space You Really Want

Shorter is better – usually. Like the checkout line at the super market or your Visa credit card statement. In today’s fast-paced world, busy readers enjoy catching a complete story in one or two sittings. It’s the perfect get-away, especially around the holidays. Hence, the popularity of novellas and novella collections.

But there are other reasons for writing novellas, and we will explore these in the workshop. We’ll also talk about a couple of approaches to getting that novella written because readers aren’t the only busy book-loving people out there.


October 7th

“The Hitchcock Effect: How to Use Tension, Suspense and Conflict to Make Every Story Better”


“The Hitchcock Effect: How to Use Tension, Suspense and Conflict to Make Every Story Better”

Many storytellers are masters at building tension and suspense, but the lessons of Alfred Hitchcock are worth examining: He was a master at keeping audiences on the edge of their seats; he often shared his suspense-building philosophies; and examples of his methods are easily accessed and digested. From his use of conflict and multiple perspectives to the things he withheld from audiences, his tips and tricks can make any story—regardless of medium or genre—more suspenseful and tense. This, in turn, makes them more engaging and memorable. Robert Liparulo shows how to incorporate these methods into your own writing style and stories, regardless of the genre you write.


November 4th

Brian Bird, Screenwriter


December 2nd

Christmas Party