2016 Meetings

ACFW Colorado Springs generally meets the first Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. – noon (check schedule below) at

First Evangelical Free Church

820 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs.

We are happy to have you attend up to two meetings if you want to check us out before joining.


January 9th

“The Power of Your Personal Story”


Nate and Katie Beth

Everyone has a story to tell, but if you are like most people, you have always told the “safe story.” Finding a “safe place” with “safe people” is the key to being able tell your “real story.” This process of telling the “real story” is a life transforming process where we discover the significant events that have shaped our lives. Some of the events have been positive memories while others may be unpleasant or even traumatic.

These stories have so impacted our lives in such a significant way that we soon discover we will need the help of professionals to guide through the emotional mine fields. This process will not stop with just telling your story, but guide you through the necessary steps to find healing and restoration. Your personal story impacts the stories you tell. When you truly confront, reframe, and understand your own story, you are better equipped to be a compelling storyteller.


February 6th

“Marketing and Publicity For Christian Books in the 21st Century”

TIM CLOSE (Senior Publicist with David C Cook)

Marketing Strategy – what is it? Learn what the biggest opportunities and challenges are as an author. What is integrated and content marketing? Learn tips on how to use the digital world to market your book. What is the difference between marketing and publicity? What are the best publicity outlets? How do I get a producer or editor to consider reviewing or talking about my book? What is a pitch? Discuss how to create newsworthy content for media opportunities.



“Why Write YA?”


Brock Eastman

Explosive growth is the headline for YA over the past decade. But why does YA appeal to so many and why do some rebel against the term?




8th Annual Writing Conference

“Creative Freedom for Writers”


Allen Arnold


MAY 7th

“LINDY HOP and Scene Structure”



Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, the elements of good scenes and good story structure are what make a story unputdownable. We’ll discuss the LINDY HOP, a method for determining the high points of your plot, as well as elements that will make every scene captivating.


JUNE 4th

“How To and How Not To Write a Pitch Sheet”

BETH K. VOGT (Author)

View More: http://lisaannephoto.pass.us/bethportaits

There are two key elements to pitch your book idea:  your verbal pitch and your pitch sheet.  Your verbal pitch is a brief explanation of your story idea. Your pitch sheet is one piece of paper that contains important information an editor or agent needs to know about you and your book.

Author Beth K. Vogt loves pitching books to her editors. In this interactive workshop, Beth will help you: craft a verbal pitch and put together the key elements of a pitch sheet.


JULY 9th

“Trusting God With Your Writing Journey”


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Following God through the twists, turns, disappointments, and surprises of the writing business can test your inner person. How do you know if you are supposed to hang on or hang it up? And how can you live in courageous pursuit of your writing dreams when there are so few guarantees? What does God say about your writing journey?



“The Writer’s Toolbox” (via Skype)


All writers have certain tools they need write books that will sweep readers into their books with page-turning intensity. In this Skype workshop Cara Putman will give a quick overview of the most important tools that she will delve into in more depth in the 2017 conference. Those tools include setting, unforgettable characters, research accuracy, and vivid writing. In a one hour workshop, Cara will highlight 2 or 3 tools that can help you take these elements of your story to the next level.



“Journaling Your Book”



This is not writing a journal and turning it into a book.  Journaling a book is a fun, interactive community activity to build your story by combining multiple art forms to take your story from a nugget and build it into a full story while adding multiple layers.

Participants are encouraged to bring a one paragraph story idea. 



“Top Ten Medical Pitfalls When Killing Your Characters”


Image 4-27-16 at 2.49 PM

As an author, have you ever wondered about the correct way to injure, maim or kill your fictional characters? Jordyn Redwood brings over twenty years of emergency and critical care nursing experience as she discusses The Top Ten Medical Pitfalls that authors fall into when they write medical scenes and how to correct them. Strategies are given on how to research those medical details for your manuscript as well. Jordyn is happy to field medical questions that are writing related at the end of her talk.



Historical Fiction: “Killing Fiction or Bringing It to Life”



Writing fiction requires a lot of time, work, and research. You don’t want to get so bogged down in those details that you forget your story or your characters, but when those very same details and tidbits are well-placed, they could liven up your writing and make your story jump off the page. Come and learn some tips and tricks for weaving your research into your story to create a vivid setting and memorable characters.


Please note date change:

DECEMBER 3rd 10th 

Annual Christmas Party

10am – 12pm @ the Home of Jeanne Takenaka

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