Mile High Writing Conference (S. Denver)

Higher and Deeper: 

Writing in Freedom with God

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Come join Mile High Scribes on Saturday, October 8th for a full day of amazing instruction courtesy of Nancy Rue in Centennial, Colorado!

nancy-rueNancy is a two-time Christy Award winner and a recipient of the Women of Faith Novel of the Year Award. She is a popular teacher at writing conferences. She also mentors individual writers. With over 100 novels published, Nancy will share her extensive expertise in this full day workshop.

Attendees of the conference will discover a spacious, new conference center in Centennial and enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast and delicious southwestern-style lunch provided on site.

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Nancy’s Workshop will include the following:

Opening Keynote

A realistic overview of where Christian publishing is … and some uplifting ways we can maintain the spirit that pulled us into writing in the first place. This talk will combine fact with inspiration, concrete information with spiritual perspective for getting a productive attitude into place (no matter what we’ve heard about how tough it is out there).


In this first interactive workshop, we’ll look at excellence in writing, exploring specific ways to raise the bar for ourselves in the area of plot (organization for our non-fiction writers). The approaches used here can be applied to any element of writing (e.g., setting, point of view, etc.).


Our second hands-on workshop will delve into creating characters of substance (or talk about a typical reader for our non-fiction writers). Again, these methods may also be used with other elements of writing.

Writing in Freedom with God

This final workshop will equip writers with a way to freely discover and define the full message they’re called to convey in their work.

All workshops, except the keynote, will include tip sheets, copious examples, and in-class exercises. The overall goal is for every author to leave with the desire and the tools to reach for excellence, dig for substance, and move forward with confidence in the call.

Conference Date: Saturday, October 8th, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Family Resource Pavilion, Centennial, Colorado

Early bird registration closes July 15th.